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CINE 160 History of US Cinema: Genre Analysis

Assignment Instructions

Choose a genre from the boxes. (It could be the same one you used for the Class Presentation, or a different one.) Grab some friends interested in the same genre. Do some preliminary research and watch three films from that genre which might demonstrate how the genre has evolved over time. (Only one of these may be seen in class.) Two of these films should be from at least 40 years ago, and one should be more current.

Then, each person will write a 5-page paper comparing them, mentioning common themes or techniques, and how they illustrate (or deconstruct) the genre. In preparing for your paper you should consult at least three reputable reference works (no Wikipedia references or random bloggers). Sources should be cited in correct MLA or APA format. This will be due either as a Word document or PDF submitted via Foxtale. Genres you might consider are in the boxes on this page.

Don't Know Which Genre to Pick - This Book Can Help