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Generative AI for Library Research


Why this guide...

Generative AI is transforming library research by introducing advanced tools that enhance the exploration and comprehension of extensive information collections. These systems utilize sophisticated machine learning techniques to create and synthesize content, providing researchers and librarians with new ways to engage with both textual and multimedia data. From summarizing long documents to generating thematic summaries and crafting responses to user inquiries, generative AI aims to improve the effectiveness and thoroughness of research activities. This technology not only speeds up the retrieval of information but also provides new perspectives on data, which can lead to more comprehensive insights.

General guidelines for students:

  • Exercise responsibility for the content you create and stay engaged in the process (with or without AI).
  • Check for instructor permission about AI use (related to learning outcomes of class activities/assignments).
  • Where permission exists, make sure to disclose any use of AI for class activities or assignments (by formal citation, less formal attribution, and/or a framing statement as appropriate). 

*Guidelines from the AI Policy at George Fox University

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