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SPED - Special Education: Library Ebooks for SPED Courses

About GFU Library Ebooks (Scroll down to see ebook titles)

George Fox students and staff have free access to over 600,000 library ebooks. The ebooks are accessible 24/7 from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. The instructions below apply to 99% of our library ebooks.

Click the link to any George Fox Library ebook and login with your info to immediately access and read the ebook in a browser.

  • The vast majority of ebooks allow for unlimited simultaneous users (meaning an entire class can be reading the same ebook at once). 

Most library ebooks allow a set number of pages to be downloaded in PDF format to keep (decided by publisher and vendor). Depending on the platform, the page numbers are reset every hour (EBSCO Ebooks) or every 24 hours (ProQuest Ebooks) and can then be downloaded again until the entire book has been downloaded to keep. When downloaded in this way, the ebooks do not expire and are yours to keep.

  •  Most library ebooks are DRM (digital rights management) protected ebooks.
  • Free Adobe Digital Editions software must be installed in order to download and read DRM protected ebooks offline. 
  • DRM protected ebooks expire at set times decided by the publisher, however, they can be immediately redownloaded.
  • PDF pages never expire, which is why librarians recommend this method.
  •  Instructions for downloading our full ebooks, PDF chapters, printing/copying limits, and more are included in our ProQuest Ebook Central & EBSCO Ebook library guides.

Available Library E-books for SPED Courses

Titles linked below are required ESOL course texts that are freely available library ebooks (as of 1/1/2021). Click the title links and follow login prompts.