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Canvas Getting Started for Students: Adjusting Your Notification Settings

Adjusting Your Notification Settings

How to Adjust Your Notification Settings to Receive Notices at Your Email

If you would like to receive Announcements and assignment grading status to your email account, check your Canvas Notification settings at the account level and within course sites.


  • In the Navigation bar select Account
  • In Account select Notifications
  • Scroll down to the setting, Announcements, which controls announcement postings sent to your email account when a student in a course
  • Click on the Bell icon to change the setting to
    • Notify Immediately - to receive each individual Announcement posting as an email
    • Daily Summary - to receive all Announcement postings in a daily batch
    • Weekly Summary - to receive all Announcement postings in a weekly batch
    • Notifications Off - to stop delivery of Announcement postings to your email
  • Scroll down to the setting, Grading, to change notifications sent when an assignment has been graded or the grade has been changed.

If you would like to control Notifications within a course, which will override Account Notifications, you can adjust Notification settings within an individual course.

  • Enter a course site
  • On the Home page select View Course Notifications
  • Locate the setting you would like to adjust and click on the bell icon to adjust email delivery frequency

Announcement Notifications are only delivered from Published courses. Announcement postings are not delivered to email if a course is unpublished (i.e., you do not have permission to enter the course site).