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Canvas Turnitin for Faculty: Grading a Turnitin Assignment

Grading a Turnitin Assignment

How to Grade a Turnitin Assignment

When assessing student work, view the Turnitin Similarity report and then return to the Canvas assignment's SpeedGrader to annotate and grade each student's work.

NOTE: Do not attempt to use the Turnitin Feedback Studio to annotate or submit grades

Step 1: Review the Turnitin Similarity Report

  • Click on the assignment title to enter the assignment
  • Enter SpeedGrader
  • Select a student from the SpeedGrader roster dropdown menu
  • Click on the Turnitin percentage icon to enter Turnitin Feedback Studio
  • Review similarities and adjust filters as needed (e.g., Exclude quotes, bibliography, sources less than a specified word count or percentage).

Step 2: Annotate and Grade Student Work in SpeedGrader

  • Return to SpeedGrader in the browser tab that displays the Canvas assignment
  • Annotate the student's work
  • Add the score in the Assessment Grade box
  • Type in the box, Add a Comment ,to add general comments
  • Click on the Media Comment icon to make a video recording up to 5 minutes in duration
  • Click on Submit and move to another student's work