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VoiceThread for Faculty: Copying a VoiceThread in a New Course

Copying a VoiceThread in a New Course

How to select an existing VoiceThread that can be used in a new VoiceThread assignment

  • On the course site home page, in the Actions menu, select Turn editing on
  • Click Add an activity or resource in a week/topic section
  • Select External Tool
  • In the Preconfigured tool setting select VoiceThread
  • Click to expand the Grade section
    • In the Types setting select Points
    • In the Maximum grade setting type in the number of points possible. This enables the assignment to automatically display and calculate in the course site gradebook.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and Display
  • Click on Open in a New Tab
  • Click Assignment Builder
  • Click Submit a Comment
  • Select an existing VoiceThread from the list displayed on the left side of the screen
  • Click on Make a new copy to share
  • Create a new title and description
  • Select from the menu in the setting, Which comments would you like to keep?
    • Include all comments (all comments added by all previous participants)
    • Include only my comments (only comments made by the owner of the VoiceThread)
    • Don't include any comments
  • Click on Copy
  • Adjust minimum number of Comments Required
  • Click on the check box for the setting, And Share with Class
  • Click Create Assignment to complete the process