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FoxTALE VoiceThread for Faculty: Submit a Comment Assignment

Submit a Comment Assignment

How to add a VoiceThread assignment in which students will add comments to the VoiceThread the instructor owns

  • On the course site home page, in the Actions menu, select Turn editing on
  • Click Add an activity or resource in a week/topic section
  • Select External Tool
  • In the Preconfigured tool setting select VoiceThread
  • Click to expand the Grade section
    • In the Types setting select Points
    • In the Maximum grade setting type in the number of points possible. This enables the assignment to automatically display and calculate in the course site gradebook.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and Display
  • Click on Open in a New Tab
  • Click Assignment Builder
  • Click Submit a Comment
  • Click on Create a new VoiceThread or click on one of your existing VoiceThreads to Copy a VoiceThread
  • In Thread Settings add a Title and Description and review Playback Options (e.g., Enable Threaded Commenting)
  • Click on Create Assignment
    • Adjust minimum number of Comments Required
    • Click on the check box for the setting, And Share with Class
  • Click second Create Assignment to complete the process

To Grade Student Work

See the video, Grading in a VoiceThread.

  • On the course home page click to enter the VoiceThread assignment. 
  • The the roster of students displays on the right side of the screen and is sorted into two groups: Submitted and Not Submitted.
  • Select a student in the Submitted section to review that student's comments. 
  • Click in the Grade box to add a grade up to 100 percent.
    This grade will recalculate according to the points you have applied in the External Tool Grade section. For instance, if the External Tool Grade is set to 10 points possible, the grade of 95 submitted in the VoiceThread view will be recalculated to 9.5 points in the course gradebook.