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FoxTALE Managing Groups: Applying Groups to a Forum

Applying Groups to a Forum

How to Apply Groups to a Forum

On the course home page click on the Actions menu and select Turn editing on
There are two options for applying groups to a forum

Group Mode Icon (3-click method)

  • Locate a forum's Group status icon, which is displayed next to the forum's Edit menu
  • Click on the Group status icon to cycle through three group mode options:
    • No groups (darkened silhouette of one person) All Students and Teachers enrolled in the course site can fully participate in the forum
    • Separate groups (white silhouette within a circle) Members of a group see only the work of that group
    • Visible groups (darkened silhouette within a circle) Members of a group can see all other groups' work but cannot reply to other groups' postings


Forum Edit Settings Method

  • Click on the forum's Edit menu and select Edit settings
  • Scroll down to the section, Common module settings
  • In the Group mode setting select from the dropdown menu the group mode you want to use: No groups, Separate groups, or Visible groups
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save