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Recording Instructional Media for Students: Hosting Your Recordings

Hosting Your Recordings

How to Host Your Recordings


If your recording does not include copyright-protected material, YouTube is an easy and reliable host. You can upload videos directly into your YouTube account from many applications (e.g., Explain Everything, Camtasia, Screencastify, etc.).You can share YouTube links in Canvas, emails, Google slides, and applications such as VoiceThread.

  • Log into with your email and password
  • If you have not already done so, Activate your George Fox YouTube channel
  • Upload your video file to YouTube. If you are working in a media application (e.g., Camtasia, Screencastify, Explain Everything), check your Share settings to see if the application allows you to Sign In to YouTube and upload media files directly from the application)
  • In YouTube copy the Share link for your video so that you can share the recording