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YouTube Captioning: Uploading Media

Add captions to YouTube videos so they are accessible to more users.

Upload Media

You can upload media from your computer or mobile device:

How to Upload and Share Videos in Your George Fox University YouTube

We recommend that you use the Chrome browser on your computer.

When on a mobile device, you can upload videos directly from your camera app.

When you enter check to make sure that you are signed into your George Fox University account. If not, sign out and you can sign in using your George Fox email address and password.

When you are signed into your George Fox YouTube account click on Upload video.

You can drag and drop or you can click and browse to your computer to find a video.

Select your video and Open to start the process of uploading the video.

You can rename the video. 

You will determine how you want to share your video. It can be

  1. Public meaning that anyone on YouTube can search and find your video
  2. Unlisted meaning that only people with whom you share the link will be able to play the video.
  3. Private meaning that you are the only person who has access to the video.

 Unlisted is a very commonly used setting for instruction, which means you will be able to share a link with others but it is not searchable by public users on YouTube.

Click Done.

Copy the link.

You are ready to Share your video in any location that supports web links (e.g., web page, mail message, etc.).

How to Increase Your Video Program Time Limit

YouTube accepts videos that are less than 15 minutes in program time. You can increase your limit by going to

The verification allows you to upload videos up to 12 hours in program time (or 128 GB).

Google's guide, Verify Your YouTube Account, gives details.



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