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Canvas Importing Course Content: Importing Content Into a Course

Importing Content into a Course

How to Import Course Content

You can import content from one course site to another.  

Only course activities and resources are imported (e.g., assignments, quizzes, discussions, etc.). No student data is imported in this process (e.g., no discussion postings, no assignment submissions, no grades, etc.)

You will begin this process in the new course site. In other words, go to the site that does not have the content and begin the process of importing.

  1. In the new course site Home page, click on Import Existing Content.
  2. In the Content type menu select Copy a Canvas Course.
  3. Select from the dropdown menu or, in the text box Search for a Course, type the name of the course site that has the content.
  4. In the Content setting select either
    • All Content to copy all course content into the new course site
    • Select specific content to select activities and resources displayed in a detailed list
  5. Check the Options box to activate Adjust events and due dates.
  6. In the Date Adjustment setting, select Shift Dates
    This allows you to a) enter the Beginning Date used in the original course site and b) change to the Beginning Date in the new course site.
  7. Click on Import
  8. Click on Select content
  9. In the menu select a group of items by checking boxes or click on the arrow to the left of the box to display a list of individual items that can be selected.
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Select Content to begin the import process.
  11. When processing is Completed, use the course Navigation bar to move throughout the course site to revise content.