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Canvas Importing Course Content: Preparing a Migrated FoxTALE Course

Preparing the Migrated FoxTALE Course

How to prepare a migrated FoxTALE course for import.

When you log into Canvas, locate the migrated FoxTALE course in your Dashboard.


If you do not see the course, move from Dashboard to Courses in the Navigation bar and click on All Courses. Click on the star to add the course to your Dashboard.

  • Click on the name of the course to enter the course site.
  • Review content in the course site to determine whether you want to import all content or select specific activities and resources.

If you would like to automatically update all assignment Due Dates when importing content into your new course site, adjust the course Settings in the migrated FoxTALE course:

  • In the Course Navigation select Settings
  • In the Course Details tab scroll down to the setting, Participation
  • Change the Participation setting to Course
  • Add the Start date that was used when the course was taught
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Update Course Details


Automatic Enrollment in FoxTALE Course Sites

Course sites are automatically created for you

When your academic department sends your course information to the Registrar’s Office, your course is listed in MyGFU. Within 24 hours the Canvas site is automatically created and you are enrolled as the faculty of record in the course site.

Students are automatically enrolled

As students register in MyGFU for your course, they are automatically enrolled in your course site. Enrollments are updated every 15 minutes into Canvas.

Next Step: Publish your course

Even though students are automatically enrolling in your course site, they will not be able to access your site until you publish it. Go to the guide, Publishing the Course, for instructions on how to publish your course.


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