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Canvas Importing Course Content: Importing a Specific Section of a Course

Importing a Specific Section of a Course

How to locate and import content from a specific section of a course

If you are enrolled in more than one course site that uses the same course title, you may not be able to distinguish which course to select during the import process. To determine the correct course section:

  •  Enter the course site that has the content you would like to import
    NOTE: If the course is not displaying on your Dashboard, see the guide, Locating Your Course
  • Enter the course Settings
  • Copy the Course Code
  • Enter the course site into which you would like to import the content
  • In the import process you will be prompted to Search for a course
    • The first box produces a dropdown list of courses. This list does not distinguish one section of a course from another.
    • Move to the second box and paste in the Course Code
    • This will produce a list of one course. Click on that  listed course to complete the selection process
  • You can now continue the import process