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FoxTALE Course Life Cycle: Adjusting Course Start and End Dates

Steps to maintain your course site throughout the term

Adjusting Course Start and End Dates

How to Adjust the Course Start and End Dates

You may need to adjust the course start and end dates in your course site so that the course will appear in Dashboard Course Overview, Courses tab, under the tab you intend:  

  • In Progress, meaning that you set the Course Start Date to a date that has occurred, and set the Course End Date to a date that has not yet occurred.
    NOTE: You can keep a course permanently in the In Progress tab by disabling the Course End Date
  • Future, meaning that you set both the Course Start Date and Course End Date to dates that have not yet occurred.
  • Past, meaning that you set both the Course Start Date and Course End Date to dates that have already occurred.

To adjust these settings

  1. Enter the course site.
  2. In the Actions menu, select Edit settings.
  3. In the General section adjust the Course start date and the Course end date.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save and display.

NOTE: If you cannot edit the Course end date, try the following:

  • Uncheck the box for the setting, Calculate the end date from the number of sections
  • Check the Enable box for the Course end date.


Next Step: Make your course visible to students

Course start and end dates do not make your course site accessible to students. Students will not be able to access your site until you adjust the Course Visibility setting. The tutorial in this guide, Making the Course Visible, shows how to give your students access to the course site when you are ready.

TIP: Always use the Firefox browser


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