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FoxTALE Course Life Cycle: Locating Your Course

Steps to maintain your course site throughout the term

Locating Your Course

How to locate courses in FoxTALE

When you log into FoxTALE, select Dashboard in the navigation drawer.

In the navigation drawer you will see your course sites listed under My Courses. Click on the name of a course to enter the course site.

You will also see your courses listed in the Course Overview. Click on the three-dot menu to Star or Hide a course.

Under Course Overview click on the All icon to produce a dropdown menu that allows you to sort your courses into the following categories:

  • In Progress, meaning that the course start date has already occurred but the course end date has not yet passed
  • Future, meaning that both the course start and end dates have not occurred
  • Past, meaning that both the course start and end dates have occurred
  • Starred, meaning a display of all courses to which you have applied the Star icon

If you do not see your course located under one of these tabs

Go to Site Home in the navigation drawer.

At the bottom of the Site Home page you will find a search box. Search on the title or the catalog number for the course. This will produce a list that includes your course.

TIP: Always use the Firefox browser

Automatic Enrollment in FoxTALE Course Sites

Course sites are automatically created for you

When your academic department sends your course information to the Registrar’s Office, your course is listed in MyGFU. Within 24 hours the FoxTALE site is automatically created and you are enrolled as the faculty of record in the course site.

Students are automatically enrolled

As students register in MyGFU for your course, they are automatically enrolled in your course site. Enrollments are updated when the student logs into FoxTALE. If a student does not log into FoxTALE, the nightly processing between MyGFU and FoxTALE completes the enrollment. Your course enrollments are updated every 24 hours.

Next Step: Make your course visible to students

Even though students are automatically enrolling in your course site, they will not be able to access your site until you make it visible. The tutorial in this guide, Making the Course Visible, shows how to give your students access to the course site when you are ready.


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