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FoxTALE Course Life Cycle: Importing Course Content

Steps to maintain your course site throughout the term

Importing Course Content

How to Import Course Content

You can import content from one course site to another.  

Only course activities and resources are imported (e.g., assignments, quizzes, forums, etc.). No student data is imported in this process (e.g., no forum postings, no assignment submissions, no grades, etc.)

You will begin this process in the new course site. In other words, go to the site that does not have the content and begin the process of importing.

  1. In the new course site click on the Actions menu and select Import. This will produce a list of courses.
  2. Select the course site that has the content and Continue.
    ‚ÄčIf you do not see in the listing the course that has the content, click in the search box and type the exact title of that course. Be sure to include any spaces, dashes, etc.
  3. You will be presented with a list of backup settings. Select Next.
    You will see a listing all of all items in the course site. If you want to import a limited number of items, you can Deselect All and then select specific items. If you cannot select an item, select the section in which the item is listed and then you are able to select the item. 
  4. We recommend that you uncheck Announcements, since Announcements is a forum that is included in every new course site. 
  5. Scroll to the bottom and select Next.
    This produces a report of everything that will be imported into the new course site.
  6. Select Perform Import.
  7. When you click on Continue you will enter the home page of the new course site, where you will see the content that has been imported.

Tip: Always use the Firefox browser