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ExamSoft Rubric Assessment for Faculty: Create Rubric Assignment in Canvas

Create Rubric Assignment in Canvas

How to Create a Rubric Assignment in Canvas

In the Canvas course site

  • Enter Modules
  • In a module click on + (i.e., Add)
  • In the Add menu select Assignment
  • Select New Assignment in the assignments listing
  • In the Assignment Name text box type the name of the assignment being used in the course syllabus
    This name will also be used when creating the rubric assessment in ExamSoft
    NOTE: We recommend that you include the course number in the assignment title
  • Click on Add item
  • Returning to Modules, click on the name of the newly created assignment to enter the assignment
  • Click on + Rubric
  • Click on Find a rubric
  • In the column listing rubric collections Select MMSC Physician Assistant
  • In the column listing PA rubrics, select the specific rubric that relates to the assignment
  • Scroll to the bottom of the selected rubric and click on Use this rubric
  • Note the value of the rubric (i.e., points possible). This value will be used for the value of the Canvas assignment and ExamSoft rubric assessment
  • Scroll to the top and click on Edit
  • In the text editor share instructions for the students
    We recommend that you share the following:
  • In the setting, Points, type the value of the rubric
  • In the Assignment Group setting—if using Assignment Groups to weight the final course grade—select the group into which the assignment should be placed 
  • In the setting, Display grade as, select Points
  • In the setting, Submission type, select No submission
  • Do not attempt to use Groups or Peer Review settings
  • Click on Save

This assignment will receive from ExamSoft the score that is generated when you grade the correlating ExamSoft rubric assessment.