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ExamSoft Rubric Assessment for Faculty: Create Rubric Assessment in ExamSoft

Create Rubric Assessment in ExamSoft

How to Create a Rubric Assessment and Post It to Students

  • In ExamSoft select Assessments
  • In the display, Select Assessment Type, select Performance Grading
  • In the Create New Assessment page, give the assessment the same Title used in creating the Canvas assignment that correlates with this assessment
  • In Type select the appropriate assessment type
    • Exam MCQ Exams
    • Mock/Practice A place to put mock and practice assignments
    • Observation Not applicable - do not use
    • Presentation Group Presentations, LI presentations
    • Professionalism Professionalism scores
    • Quiz Formative ungraded assessments
    • Skills Testing-OSCE Clinical skill students are performing for grading (e.g.,  the video recorded history in Communication and Counseling methods, OSCE, skills or physical exam testing)
    • Writing Assignment When students are turning in a document for grading
  • In Folder select the course in which this assessment is used
  • Click on Add Rubrics
  • In the Folders listing select the rubric that applies to this assessment (i.e., check the box to the left of the rubric name)
  • Click  Add Selected to Assessment
  • Click Close
  • Click Save
  • Select Post
  • In the Create Posting page click on the Course dropdown menu and select the Canvas course site to which this assessment corresponds
  • Select the Posting End Date
  • Check the box for Require Answer File
  • Select the assignment due date in the setting, Require exam takers to upload an answer file for grading by
  • In Answer File Type select the type of artifact the student will submit:
    • Link The student will be prompted to submit a web URL (e.g., YouTube link)
    • Artifact (Answer File) The student will be prompted to upload a file (e.g., PDF)
  • Save Changes and Close