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ExamSoft Rubric Assessment for Faculty: Grade Rubric Assessment in ExamSoft

Grade Rubric Assessment in ExamSoft

How to Grade a Rubric Assessment and Push Grades to the Canvas Gradebook


  • In ExamSoft select Score Assessment
  • In Folders locate the assessment you want to grade
  • Click on the title of the assessment to enter it
  • In the assessment's navigation menu, click on Grade
  • In Manage Grading, Actions, click on Grade Rubric
  • Click on Grade for an individual student within the student roster
  • Work the student has submitted will display on the left and the grading rubric will display on the right
  • Score the rubric and Save
    See the guide, Rubric Types, for a demonstration on now to score in two types of rubrics
  • Navigate within the Grade view to the Previous or Next Exam Taker or, at the top of the page, click on Exam Takers to return to the roster of students
  • When all students have been graded click on Assessments in the main navigation menu
  • Locate the completed assessment
  • Click on Push Grades for that assessment, in the column labeled Push Grades to LMS
  • In Select Grade Column, click on the dropdown menu to select the Canvas rubric assignment that was created to correlate to this ExamSoft rubric assessment
  • In Select Score Type, click on the dropdown menu to select Points
  • Click Send Grades to LMS
  • Note the confirmation: The grades were successfully sent to the selected LMS grade column.
  • When you enter the Canvas course site's Grades, you will see the grades displayed in the correlating rubric assignment's column.