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Sociology: Web Resources

Criminal Justice Websites

Criminal Justice Overview
Information related to criminal justice specializations, degrees and/or certifications needed, and job placement.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
Federally sponsored information clearinghouse that produces "one of the largest criminal and juvenile justice libraries and databases in the world," the NCJRS Abstracts Database. It also provides 7,000 full-text publications, and online reference service.

World Criminal Justice Library Network
Collection of resources related to criminal justice worldwide.

Demographic Data

American Religion Data Archive
Great source for simple maps and reports of churches and church membership. Download data from numerous national surveys.

Pew Social & Demographic Trends
Presents studies on Americans' attitudes and behavior related a number of social issues and social trends. Complete reports are downloadable as PDFs.

Social Statistics Briefing Room
Easy access to current Federal social statistics.

World Values Survey
Network of social scientists who have surveyed the basic values and beliefs of the publics of more than 80 societies, on all six inhabited continents.

Cultural/Social Research Websites

Counsel of American Overseas Research Centers

Culture Grid
Collection of open access content (digital objects) from archives, galleries, libraries, and museums in the UK. Contains millions of items on a variety of topics.

Hartford Institute for Religion Research
Excellent site on the sociology of religion, featuring bibliographies, links to articles, and information on sociologists of religion and their tools. "An important bridge between the scholarly community and the practice of faith."
Provides access to U.S. agencies dedicated to human rights, reports, and news stories related to human rights issues worldwide.

Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture

Institute for Social Research

National Council on Disability
Small federal agency that advises the President, Congress and other federal agencies and departments on issues and policies related to persons with disabilities. Links to news reports, blogs, reports, and other resources are provided on the site. The reports listed on this site are listed according to the publication date, and may also be accessed through

Open Culture
Video and audio segments of content of interest to the NPR audience. Additionally, collections of essays, online courses, eBooks, films, language lessons, and other freely accessible on the Web are listed on the site.

Russell Sage Foundation

Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity
Covers poverty and poverty-related issues. Includes press releases, statistical data, articles, videos, and links to additional resources.  Many of the research articles are published by nonprofit organizations.