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Zoom Web Conferencing: Enhancing Audio


Enhancing Audio

How to Enhance Audio in a Zoom Meeting

If you are experiencing poor audio quality try one of these steps:

  • Mute your audio when not talking. If you are the Host, consider letting all participants know that you will mute audio for all. You will be able to allow participants to unmute themselves.
  • Wear earbuds that have a built-in microphone or a headset with built-in microphone. 
  • Disconnect from computer audio and join the meeting by phone.


If you would like to purchase equipment


If you would like audio and video for a classroom using Zoom

Go to the Murdock and Portland Libraries to check out a Meeting Owl. This device uses a set of microphones and cameras to cover a group of approximately 15-20 people.


Contact 503-554-6128 for more information