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Zoom Web Conferencing: Schedule Zoom Meetings and Automatically Upload Recordings to Canvas


Schedule Meetings and Automatically Upload Recordings to Canvas

How to Schedule Zoom Meetings in Canvas and Automatically Share Recordings in the Course Site


Schedule a Zoom Meeting


  • Add ShareStream Course Media to your course navigation
  • Enter ShareStream Course Media and click on Scheduler
  • Click on Schedule an Event

    • The first time you schedule an event you will connect your Zoom and ShareStream accounts. This is a one-time task:
    • Click on the button, Connect Zoom Account
    • Sign in to Zoom using your email and password
    • Authorize ShareStream to access your Zoom account. A confirmation will display saying, Authentication Successful
    • Return to ShareStream Course Media, select Scheduler and click on Schedule an Event
  • Set the date and time for your meeting
  • Save
  • Schedule an Event for each meeting. We cannot use recurring or instant Zoom meetings. ShareStream must have a unique link for each meeting in order to manage the recording.


Start a Scheduled Zoom Meeting


  • Enter ShareStream Course Media in the course navigation
  • Select Scheduler
  • Hover your cursor over the event and click on Start Event
  • Sign In to Start the Zoom Meeting as the Host
  • In the Zoom meeting click on Record
  • Select Record to the cloud
  • When you End the Meeting for All, Zoom will process the video and deliver it to ShareStream
  • The recording will appear in your Canvas course site ShareStream Course Media in the Pick-n-Play


Share the Zoom Meeting Recording

Students can enter ShareStream Course Media where they will find the recording displayed in the Pick-n-Play list

If you prefer to share the video in a course module, see the guide, Adding the Video to a Course Page