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FoxTALE Managing Assignments: Adding an Assignment Drop Box

Adding an Assignment Drop Box

How to Add an Assignment Drop Box

The assignment File submissions provides a drop box where students can submit files.

  1. In your course site Turn editing on.
  2. Click on Add an activity or resource.
  3. Select Assignment, and then Add.
  4. Give the assignment a name. 
  5. In the Availability section, we recommend applying a Due Date which will prompt students when the assignment deadline is approaching.
  6. In the Submission Types confirm that the File submissions box is checked.
  7. In the Grade section adjust the number of points possible. By default assignments are set to a value of 100 points maximum (i.e., the Assignment cannot exceed a value of 500 points possible). 
  8. Save and Return to Course

The assignment is ready for student submissions and will automatically report points awarded into the course gradebook.

Tip: Always use the Firefox browser