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FoxTALE Managing Assignments: Using Grading Annotation Tools

Using Grading Annotation Tools

How to Use Grading Annotation Tools

  1. Enter an assignment and select Grade to see the first student's submission. 
    The submission is displayed in a window with annotation tools presented in a toolbar above the window. The video, Using Grading Annotation Tools, demonstrates all of the tools. The toolbar includes the following:
  2. Click the Back and Forward arrows in the Navigation tool to enable moving from page to page in the file.
  3. Select the Move tool in order to click on the single page displayed in the window and move that page up, down, or sideways in the window. 
  4. Click on the Comments tool to add a comment by clicking and dragging your cursor on the single page displayed in the window.
    • Click on the More icon in the upper right corner of the Comment to produce a dropdown list.
      • Select Quick List to add the current comment to a list of frequently used comments.
      • The dropdown list displays the Quick List of comments and 
      • The dropdown list includes the option to Delete the current comment.
  5. Drawing tools include
    • Free form drawing
    • Straight line 
    • Rectangle  
    • Oval 
    • Highlighting
  6. The toolbar includes a menu of Stamps
  7. Annotations can be moved by selecting the Move tool in the tool bar, and then clicking on and dragging the annotation. 
  8. When grading feedback is complete, scroll to the bottom of the assignment activity page and 
    • Save, which allows you to leave the assignment, or 
    • Save and show the next student, to continue grading student work in the assignment.


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