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Recording Instructional Media: Recording in a Hybrid Classroom

Recording in a Hybrid Classroom

How to Record a Hybrid Classroom Session

If you have a combination of students in the local classroom and students joining the class session via Zoom, you can follow these steps to record your session:

  • In the local classroom connect your laptop to a data projector or large monitor
  • Host the Zoom meeting on your laptop to live stream the class to the remote learners.
  • Start Recording in the Zoom meeting. 
    In the Zoom meeting click on Record and choose one of the following options:
    • Record on this computer if you want to save the recording file on your laptop. Keep your laptop connected to WIFI until Zoom displays a confirmation that the download is complete. 
    • Record In the cloud if you want to eliminate the time needed to stay connected while the recording processes.
  • Share screen in Zoom, which will also display on the classroom projection screen or monitor.
  • If a student asks a question, you can repeat the question so that both local and remote students hear it.
  • If you want to move around the local classroom, display objects, or write on a whiteboard, you can connect your smartphone or iPad to Zoom and Share Content from that device. This will enable you to display apps on your device (e.g., Explain Everything whiteboard app). 
    • NOTE: We eliminate feedback issues when relying on a single source of audio in the local classroom. If you log into the Zoom meeting on your device (See Option 2 in the guide, Sharing an iPad Screen), be sure to 
      • Leave computer audio on your laptop and use audio on the device.
      • Start the Zoom recording on your device so that you will include audio in your Zoom recording.
  • End the Zoom meeting. Your recording will begin to process.
  • Share your recording