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Canvas Getting Started: Downloading a Student Activity Report

Downloading a Student Activity Report

How to Download a Student Activity Report

The Student Activity Report includes the roster of students, the last date each student logged into the course, the number of page views, and the number of participations (i.e., submissions) each student has made.

  • Go to the course Home page
  • Select New Analytics in the menu displayed on the right side of the ˆ page
  • Select the Students tab
  • Click on the Download icon
  • The .csv file will download onto your computer as a .zip file
  • Locate the .zip file on your computer
  • Double-click on the .zip file to unzip it
  • Right-click on the .csv file
  • Select Open With to display a list of application options and Select Excel or another spreadsheet application you have on your computer

The file will display in your spreadsheet application